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At Greater Dental Health, we perform tooth removal procedures for teeth that cannot be saved through other treatments, such as root canals, fillings, or crowns. Teeth may need to be removed for several reasons, including severe tooth decay, infection, injury, and disease. Other reasons for extraction include orthodontic correction of a patient's bite. By removing some teeth, the remaining teeth can shift into the proper alignment.

  • If an adult tooth is knocked out or broken due to an accident, a simple extraction may be needed to restore the smile.
  • Surgical extractions may be recommended for several reasons. Extracting a baby tooth may be necessary to prevent crowding or other orthodontic reasons. Sometimes, a severely decayed tooth cannot be saved and must be removed from under the gums to prevent the infection from spreading. Other times, wisdom teeth may need to be pulled to maintain oral health and prevent other dental issues.

Simple Extractions

Simple tooth extraction involves removing teeth that are visible above the gum line using forceps and elevators. This procedure is typically performed under local anesthesia.

Surgical Extractions

Surgical tooth extraction involves removing teeth that cannot be easily accessed due to factors such as impaction or significant decay that extends below the gum line. Surgical extractions may require general anesthesia or conscious sedation for patient comfort.

Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is sometimes necessary following a tooth extraction to rebuild bone mass in areas where it has been lost due to infection or injury.

The Tooth Extraction Process


During the evaluation appointment, our dentist will evaluate your teeth and gums and take X-rays to identify the position of the tooth roots and the condition of the supporting bone and gum tissue. Then, we will create an extraction plan to offer a painless and effective dental experience to our patients.

Tooth Prep

Our dentist may prescribe antibiotics prior to the procedure to reduce your risk of infection. Your mouth may also be numbed with anesthesia.

Tooth Removal

If it is a simple extraction, you'll have your tooth removed at our dentist's office in a minimally invasive procedure using a special tool known as an elevator to loosen the tooth before gently removing it. Surgical extractions require making a small incision in the gum.

Bone Grafting

After the tooth is removed, you may need bone grafting to restore the structure of the jawbone where the tooth root was previously located. After the grafting is complete, you'll be fitted with a restoration.

Payment Options

We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy smile without breaking the bank. That's why we are proud to be in-network with most major PPO dental insurance plans.

Don't worry about unexpected costs because we will provide you with an estimated out-of-pocket cost upfront. We believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality dental care, and by working closely with insurance providers, we strive to make it a reality.

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